Transfer site to Wordpress

Transferring existing projects from other CMS to WordPress

Why WordPress?

  • This is the most popular CMS in the world, which means that you will not be tied to a specific developer and his CMS;
  • WP is open source, that is, complete freedom of site development;
  • Simple data structure – all data can be organized into posts, taxonomies and metadata;
  • Easy to promote in SEO;
  • Incredibly flexible and user-friendly admin panel that works great on mobile devices. You can easily edit content from your phone;
  • Speed. Sites on WP are fast, as you can set flexible settings for caching pages and elements on pages.
  • A very important advantage of this CMS is that it is free. Completely and forever.


  • Hundreds of thousands of developers, content creators and site owners gather in monthly meetings in 436 cities around the world;
  • WordPress is trusted by Microsoft;
  • The official repository contains over 45,000 plugins that are guaranteed to be free of vulnerabilities.

Why move your site to WordPress CMS?

  • You pay for using the CMS;
  • Your site’s CMS is self-written and you cannot maintain the project yourself;
  • Managing the current CMS is inconvenient and constantly requires the intervention of the developer;
  • If the site was made on the constructor and there is no way to develop it.

How do we maintain SEO positions?

  • We create each page of the site with saving the url-address;
  • If it is impossible to save the address (WordPress CMS uses its own url-address generation principle and it may not match the principle of your current CMS), then we set up a 301 redirect;
  • We check the site for broken links and fix errors;
  • Install and configure Sitemap.xml and robots.txt;
  • We save meta tags, titles and transfer content.

Scope of work when transferring the site

Cost and terms of site transfer to WordPress CMS

At first glance, it may seem that transferring a site from another CMS or from a website builder to WordPress CMS is quick and easy. In fact, it turns out that you can quickly copy only the layout, and the creation of editable content blocks, programming and content transfer must be done manually and this is a rather laborious process.

Moving a website to WordPress can be a necessary step in the development of your website and business.

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